Terms & Conditions

Charity Mentor’s Role:

The mentoring model on offer is strategic rather than advice-specific and has the following parameters:

  • Aims and desired outcomes of mentoring project clarified at first meeting
  • Short term – Guideline of 3 months initially – maximum 6-month term
  • Outcomes of the project written up by organisation and agreed by mentor
  • Mentor will not act as an advisor or consultant. Their role is to encourage mentees to optimise their own problem-solving abilities and knowledge, so that decisions can be made based on all available information and the analysis of all possible options.


Participation in a mentoring project will be taken as your acceptance of these terms and conditions.

  • Relationship with Board. The Trustees or Directors of each organisation must be informed and agree to a mentoring project taking place. The contact person needs to confirm that this is the case before a project can proceed beyond a first meeting.
  • Confidentiality. The mentoring process is confidential to you and Charity Mentors. At a mentor’s discretion, aspects of the project might be discussed within Charity Mentors if the mentor feels it would be helpful but only under conditions of utmost confidentiality. Details of matters discussed will not be passed on to anyone else without permission unless a mentor discovers something potentially illegal or the mentor believes there is risk of significant harm to an individual(s).
  • Information to be shared. Exceptions to confidentiality. The fact of the project taking place is not confidential and may be shared by Charity Mentors or by your organisation. The outcomes from the project should be shared with your trustees.
  • Responsibility for decisions. Neither an individual mentor nor referring organisation can take any responsibility for decisions made, whether based on advice given or not. Responsibility for decisions made remains always with the trustees of the organisation.
  • Complaints procedure. In the case of difficulties, the Co-ordinator of the project (Ian Noble) should be contacted. We have a formal complaints procedure for situations where these difficulties cannot be resolved informally. Ian can be contacted on 07801 250668 or info@charitymentors-sussex.org.uk